Thursday, March 28, 2013

First post in the Journey

I always wonder where a blog starts. Perhaps with an introduction, and a little context, back story, and my goal. I decided to start this blog almost a year ago, and found myself in this same position, unable to figure out what that first step was. My goal was simple; to share the story of my journey from JNCIA-JUNOS, all the way through my JNCIE-SP. To provide others with that which I have had great difficulty finding. A place where the tips, tricks, and knowledge that I have, and will continue to acquire, can help to guide and encourage others.

All of this said, in the past year, I've completed a large portion of my JNCIE-SP journey, and learned a lot. I'm fortunate to work for an extraordinarily supportive company that has provided me with a small lab environment, on a program where I am heavily exposed to Juniper equipment, and surrounded by a few friends that a wicked smart.

While many folks start a blog to share their lives with the world or simply to express themselves, my goal in this is quite simple. I just want to share everything that I struggle to learn, and move the ball forward for anyone using the Juniper platforms.

Seems simple enough.



  1. Good luck! Post about your upcoming course!

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